The empire of the noble dogs of the underworld is now blazing a trail. Dropping a collection which is a class of It’s own, inspired by the 1950’s , 1990’s and 2050’s Mafia Families, this organized crime syndicate aims to achieve a social integration through fellowship and loyalty. Our essential principle is that we prioritize the intuition of our community along with the spirit of our DAO.

  • The mafia liked to be mellow and they would organize parties so they could drink more together.

  • As a community, we will organize real life parties basically get-togethers which will be insane and specially envisioned. Your NFT's shall become your tickets folks!

  • We will throw parties where DJ’s will work their magic.

  • You will appear just like the 3D version of your NFT in the metaverse.

  • Thanks to TMA Performance Hall which will be our base in the metaverse, Mafiosos will be united and more powerful.
  • Casino will be located on our land in Metaverse next to our Performance Hall.

  • %50 of the Casino income will be transferred to our Big Fat Community Wallet.

  • We determined a vision of a Casino which is run by the owners of The Mafia Assembly tokens and set out to make it real. Throughout the history, Mafia had run and secured the Casinos. We distinctively want to achieve this all together via voting system.

  • First Bingo in metaverse!

  • All the insiders will have a chance to win bonuses and other various advantages.


Phase 1

Community Building
NFT Giveaways

Phase 2

The debut of our first 1950 Doberman Mafia NFT collection

Community wallet and Voting system will be created. With the Mobile App designed in accordance with the spirit of the DAO, we leave the management of the project and the management of the community wallet to the NFT owners.

50% of Royalty revenues will be automatically transferred to the Community wallet.

10% of the proceeds from our first collection will go to Community Wallet.

5% of the income from our first collection will be donated to stray animals. We stand by our canine friends who give life to our Base character.

Phase 3

Our 2nd Collection, 1990 mafias, whose Base character and number are determined by voting by NFT owners, will be released.

30% of the revenue from our second collection will be transferred to the Community Wallet.

We will donate 5% of the income from our second collection to non-governmental organizations working for women's rights. We are against violence against women worldwide.

We want to contribute to the studies aimed at raising awareness of the society. Interviews will be held with our collaborators and NFT owners will have the opportunity to communicate directly.

Phase 4

Our 3rd Collection, 2050 mafias, whose Base Character and number are determined by voting by NFT owners, will be released.

30% of the revenue from our third collection will be transferred to the Community Wallet.

There will be a drawing of 50 paintings specially designed for NFT Owners.

We will organize private parties for them that NFT owners can attend in real life. We will offer NFT owners the opportunity to have fun at the same party with famous people.

We will donate 5% of the income from our third collection to organizations working on climate change. The world is our home and we owe this world a debt.

The land will be purchased from Metaverse, which is determined by the votes of the community. We will begin the construction of the Performance Hall and Casino.

We will design the 3D version to use NFTs as avatars.

Phase 5

We will also invest and implement new ideas into the The Mafia Assembly in line with our communities’ suggestions.

Owners are equal but holders are a bit more equal than others

  • The future of the project and utilisation of the community wallet will be decided via voting system. We believe in DAO yet we need believers too. Therefore, this is how the voting system is going to be:

  • If you own one of our NFT's, you will have one voting power as a Member. If you hold it for a month you will be a Senator which means you will have 2 voting power. Holding it for one more month will make you a Leader which means you will have three voting power. Ex. If you have two NFT's and one of them is a member and the other one is leader, you will have four voting power total.

  • The ones to mint the first 777 Dobermans will exclusively be given a Whitelist for our second drop. Also, they will start from Senator role instead of Member role which will earn them a big say for our second collections' base character selection and the number of NFT’s in it.

The Big Fat Community

  • %10 of the income from the 1. collection and %30 of the income generated from our 2. and 3. collections will be transferred to the Community Wallet.

  • %50 of the Casino revenue and %50 of the Royalties will be tied to Community Wallet to be utilized for the future projects which will be voted in the upcoming months. Owners and anyone that has shown activity will determine the framework and the direction of the future projects.

  • We will be able to invest into new ideas about crypto all along the line via voting system.

  • The shares of the fellas in the Community Wallet to be determined according to when they joined the Assembly
El Padrino
A.k.a Manager
Marketing Manager  
Marketing Manager
Community Manager 
Blockchain Engineer
Community Manager
Business Solutions
Graphic Designer 
Graphic Designer 


777 for our first drop, community decides the second and third drop.

In March for 1950’s collection.

Public price will be 1 SOL for 1950’s collection.

Phantom, Solflare

We attach great value to our community and perform any decision on the basis of voting. We believe that DAO’s will replace companies in the future. In the extent of metaverse , we want to strengthen the family bond just like the Mafia.

It’s ultra fast, has lower gas fees and It’s ecosystem is growing day by day to which we’d like to contribute and be part of.

You will be able to sell the limited number of nft's at a much higher price than the minting price. In addition, by holding them you will participate in The Assembly votings for the future investments. Come be our fellow and partner and of the project. Also, you will help forward the new dimension of entertainment and gambling industry and reserve your spot in the Metaverse. You can be a contributor in our donations to women's rights, animals, fighting climate change.


NFT Rarity